Vixi Vale is a chameleonesque artist who specializes in creating characters for productions, parties, and other special events.

She’s been trained in the theater since childhood and has clocked decades of professional performance experience. Combined, her drama and dance backgrounds give her the perfect platform to embody characters and create moods. Vixi is adept at scripted acting as well as improvised “ambient” performance, and she loves capturing imaginations and bringing stories to life.

Vixi’s repertoire of camera-friendly characters and costumes is extensive, spanning multiple eras, creatures, and worlds both real and fantastical. With the many resources at her disposal, she can adapt seamlessly to a broad range of environments — from family-friendly gatherings and corporate events to 18+ occasions.

You can see her character work in action with such diverse ensembles as the illustrious Mystic Midway and the ribald Trashkan Marchink Band, and as a solo performer at events nationwide. For a little extra kick, catch her as the head mistress of Victorian era and Wild West inspired can-can troupe, the Broad Street Belles.

You can also book Vixi for authentic psychic Soul Card readings, in or out of costume. Enquire by email for rates and more information.

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